Docklands Science Park Pty Ltd (‘DSP’) fosters high tech initiatives, many arising from our university linkages, and steers promising technologies through their pre-commercialisation phase. DSP's portfolio is increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability while continuing our long term focus on opportunities for local manufacturing.

DSP endeavours to establish separate focused corporate structures for its projects. DSP then seeks funds so these businesses can undertake final development with emphasis on manufacturability, initial production, commercialisation and/or licensing.

DSP builds on a long and diverse history including primary industries, combustion engine technologies, university research partnerships and online information systems. We:

Our cladding will not burn


DSP was established in May 1993, at the request of the then Minister for Special projects, The Hon. Mark Birrell.

The Victorian State Government required a single entity with whom they could deal, rather than the group of interested parties from business and academia, who were concerned with the slump in Australian manufacturing. This group had made initial approaches to The Hon. David White, Minister for Industry, in 1991.

The government, and all parties concerned, wanted to see new products developed where labour costs became less important, but with ownership of the intellectual property of the high tech products kept in Australia.

Melbourne skyline from North Wharf Road

Docklands Science Park operated in North Wharf Road before gentrification.


DSP continues to enjoy bi-partisan support in political, academic and business circles. The resulting organisation is owned equally by business and academic interests, with the Martin family interests being the largest business interest with individual persons from The University of Melbourne holding the academic interests. In return, DSP comes up with interesting commercial R&D problems and educational initiatives which require intellectual input. DSP has access to the resources at all academic institutions, on a client basis and has excellent working relationships.

DSP is the administration company for the R&D efforts so its trading position does not directly reflect the portfolio of projects undertaken. Turnover in the group reached $6,000,000 in the most active of recent years.